Progress and Transition Monitoring

After placement in TAQ, the student's goals and objectives will be monitored quarterly, or more frequently if necessary, to ensure progression toward the goals. Students meet with staff and counselor on a regular basis to discuss their progress. Modifications or adjustments to the goals will be made as found appropriate. Progress is monitored through reviewing report cards, test scores, individual educational plans, if applicable, intervention meetings, behavior plans, and reports from TAQ faculty and staff. Any member of the TAQ team, DSC officials, and/or sending school may at any time request a meeting to discuss the progress of a student. This meeting will be set up within one (1) week of the request.

Transition Monitoring

When a student meets the exit criteria established in the individual student's SAP, the TAQ Placement Team will meet and to create a behavior or transition plan to assist in a smooth transition to the regular educational environment. In order to be considered for return to the regular education environment, a student must meet the following criteria in addition to the individualized criteria established in the student's SAP:

  • Achieve at the appropriate behavioral level for a pre-determined number of weeks
  • Attendance is in compliance with QCSD's student handbook attendance policy
  • Discipline meets the established guidelines for behavior in the TAQ student handbook
  • Maintain at least a C average in all subjects and have the appropriate number of credits for a regular education student at the same grade level
  • Student and TAQ team staff narrative stating progress on the goals and objectives established in the student's SAP

During the transition time, the TOSA will communicate frequently with the receiving school staff and regular classroom teachers through email, phone and classroom visits. If a student demonstrates concerns, the student is returned to the TAQ environment to address behavior, academics and the need for continued support.

TAQ is an available program for all students who meet two or more of the at-risk characteristics. It is also an intervention program that seeks to aid students who have been unsuccessful in the traditional school setting. Discipline is handled on site with an administrator following the TAQ Handbook. All students are treated as valuable individuals with the goal to help the student become successful.

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