Intake Process

Internal Candidates

For internal candidates, counselors and/or principals must complete a brief pre-referral document to the Principal of Record. The TAQ Placement Team will review the pre-referral document and make a decision within five business days. If the referral is accepted, the school will be required to set up a meeting with the students and his/her family to discuss why the child is a good candidate for the program. If the parents agree to the placement, the school will be required to follow the steps above for external candidates.

Students who are placed in TAQ shall exhibit at least two of the following characteristics:

  • Disruptive behavior, including a recent expulsion/suspension
  • Drop out from school
  • Personal or family issues or situations
  • Recurring absenteeism
  • Transition to or from residential programs

For the purposes of TAQ, personal or family issues or situations are conditions that negatively affect the student's academic and social progress. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Ongoing, persistent lack of attaining proficiency levels in multiple subject areas
  • Abuse: physical, mental, or sexual
  • Frequent relocation of residency
  • Homelessness
  • Inadequate emotional support
  • Mental/physical health problem
  • Pregnancy
  • Teen parenting

A student with an IEP, 504 plan, or any other special programming needs will be accommodated in at TAQ. The TAQ Placement Team will establish an intake date and time that is no later than one (1) week after a student has been enrolled. When the intake conference is held, the TOSA, school counselor, parent/guardian, and student will sign an agreement outlining the responsibilities of the TAQ program, parent or guardian, and the student to provide assurance that the plan for the student is successful. Additionally, the TOSA and school counselor will review the point level system, arrival and dismissal procedures, attendance policy, mental health services available, and the exit criteria with the parent and student. The parent and student will review the student's transcript and coordinate the student's schedule with the school counselor. The school counselor will enroll the student in the appropriate classes. Upon enrollment in TAQ, the school counselor will assist the student to his/her first class.

The student is assessed before entry into TAQ. Members of the TAQ Placement Team assess the student's current functioning abilities and all relevant social, emotional, academic, career, and behavioral information. The TAQ Placement Team will develop a Student Action Plan (SAP). The SAP will consist of intervention services to be provided to address the student's specific educational needs and, if appropriate, the student's behavioral needs. In addition, goals and objectives necessary to achieve positive reintegration into the regular educational environment will be stated in the student's Student Action Plan outlining the intervention services to be provided to the student. Goals and objectives will be monitored quarterly, or more frequently if necessary, to ensure progression toward the goals. Modifications or adjustments to the goals will be made as found appropriate. Exit criteria will be identified and included in the SAP, which will provide a base for a student's return to the regular educational environment. Students will have access to staff members, a TOSA, nurse and school-based counselor.

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