Referral Process

While The Academy at Quakertown (TAQ) serves students with a wide range of needs and is not a special education placement, appropriate services will be provided to those students who have met certain eligibility requirements. If a student has an active Individualized Education Plan, and the referring school/district believes TAQ is an appropriate educational option, the district must send the student's current IEP and Psychological evaluation report, in addition to other standard items, for review.

If it is determined that TAQ can meet the student's special needs, the IEP team at the district must convene a transition IEP meeting that will include staff at TAQ. The placement of a special education student will not be considered until this process has been completed.

Referral does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Upon receipt of the completed referral form, records will be assessed for completeness and accuracy. The student's academic strengths and weaknesses, as well as behavior history and intervention attempts (if applicable), will be reviewed and a determination will be made as to whether TAQ can accommodate the student's needs.

Referral Procedures

  1. Completed referral forms, including required documentation, should be sent to Jaime Maddon [email protected] or 215-529-2152. A referral becomes activated only upon receipt of the referral packet with all required documentation.
  2. Referrals require the completion of the TAQ referral form.

Processing the Referral

  1. The referral form is received and reviewed by TAQ team. District staff of the receiving school will be notified of incomplete referral packets - missing documentation must be received before the referral can be processed.
  2. Upon receipt of a completed referral packet and after attending an enrollment meeting, students are assigned to TAQ on a space available basis. Enrollment meetings are held with the TAQ staff on an as needed basis. Attendance by the student and parent/guardian is mandatory to complete enrollment. Staff from the referring school/agency are also invited to attend, if possible. At the enrollment meeting, the student and parent/guardian are apprised of school rules, receive information about the TAQ academic program, support services and complete required paperwork.
  3. A Student Action Plan (SAP) will be established for each student within 30 days of enrollment. This plan is based on age-appropriate course completion requirements and required services. The SAP will be reviewed with the student and parent/guardian once each semester.
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